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Where's The Beef? ..or the Pizza, Sandwiches..

Updated: Feb 1

At Ravenworks on Pecan Street, we provide drink service in the form of soft drinks, beer and wine. Our guests have shared their appreciation for our selection of drinks. We don't provide food but we know that being creative can make some people pretty hungry. We've had a few restaurants provide us with a food menu so our guests could go get their food and bring it back to have while they work.

There are some really great food options within walking distance of Ravenworks. To make it easier for guests to find them, we created a BYOFood Map for those not familiar with Coleman eateries. It doesn't have ALL eateries, but it's a good start:

Bonus: Back when Marian and I were still teachers, Google Maps was a great resource for making maps of historical places or literary journeys. Search for "Google MyMaps" for a great way to collect geographic locations on a single map! Want to learn more about this? Come on down to Ravenworks on Pecan Street for some free sharing.

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