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Ravenworks on Pecan store in 2023

New and Upcoming!

Celebrate Texas Independence Day in March!

• Register now for our Basketmaking 101 class on March 19th

• Come in and make our new Leather Valet Tray premium kit. 

Ravenworks on Pecan St

115 W. Pecan St

 Coleman, Texas

Coleman's Social Crafthouse!

The Ravenworks social crafthouse is mostly about creating crafts. We will provide guests with all of the materials, tools and directions needed to successfully create one of our craft projects. Anyone can do this! 

We added 'social' into the mix because we want guests to come in and have a good time while they create. Sing along to the good music, laugh with friends, enjoy a beverage from our Service Bar and more!  We are featuring local vineyards and a small selection of beers as well. 

Ravenworks on Pecan Street logo
Wood, Canvas, String, & Leather Crafts

New Projects Each Month!

Project blanks provide a starting place for

your creative touches.

Projects are designed to be completed in 1-2 hours.

Seasonal crafts will be added throughout the year.

Directions in text and video will lead even the most cautious creator to successful completion.

the leather key ring project
highland cow santa.png
The key hook wood craft using Texas flag
small canvas with deer and the American Flag
the Love Tree wood craft
string art of a raven
announcement horn
Come check us out!

Bring Your Own Food

No reservations required. 

We do sell soft drinks, beer and wine, but can bring some food with you to give you creative energy!

Click the map to the left to view our Google Map of local restaurants, most of which are within walking distance!

Girls night out.

Small groups or large groups.

Great date night place!

Available Sun-Wed by request.

Bring food and enjoy our space.

Did You Know:  Being Creative Is Actually Good For You!
the more you know.png

Medical studies suggest that being creative can improve brain function, mental health as well as physical health. Taking time to be creative in some way helps develop problem solving skills, reduce stress and anxiety, helps you adapt to change and more! If you think about it, we could be just what the doctor ordered! 


Instructor-Led Class!

Basketmaking 101 Class

Ravenworks on Pecan Street usually provides crafts, directions and staff support for our guests to work independently and at their own speed.  We will offer the occasional instructor-led class opportunities as special events. 

On Tuesday March 19th, from 5pm - 7pm, we will have an experienced basketmaker lead a class through the steps to make their own basket.  For this $20 class, each guest will get all of the basketmaking materials and decorations needed to walk out with a completed basket at the end of class. 

Space is limited. Reservation is required to help us obtain enough materials for all guests.  Click the enroll button below to submit your reservation. 

Ravenworks on Pecan Street


115 W. Pecan Street

Coleman, Texas 76834



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Opening Hours

Thur : 1p - 8p

Fri / Sat : 10a - 5p

Reservations not required.

Additional times by request.

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