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The Fun With Being Creative

I'm blessed to have the opportunity to spend my days being creative. I get creative challenges from lots of different places and using my gray matter to meet the challenges is keeping me young ... ish. I figured that I'd share a few of the recent challenges today.

"Highland cows are soooo cute!!" That conversation starter eventually lead to the desire to provide Highland cow crafts in the store. We create all of our craft projects and I'm not the best free-hand artist, so challenge accepted. Now one of our more popular craft projects, the shelf art cow had to be created from scratch. Lots of laser-cut iterations later, we have a project that grew to two different projects with suggestions for more cow costumes.

leather badge holdes
Click the Shop TXRW menu above to see these badge holders.

We have lots of family in the Houston area and a good number of people working on committees for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Apparently, a Committeeman badge is often displayed on lanyard and two good friends of mine wanted to get a leather lanyard for badges. This fun challenge was to figure out what badge holders look like and make two custom badge holders. This led to making a few extra to sell online!

My biggest challenge to date came from a wonderful teacher friend. Have you ever seen a camel saddle? I hadn't either. This project has stretched my experience and skillset quite a bit, and it's been great! I'm learning new stitching techniques, leather laser etching skills and more. I'm looking forward to completing this saddle soon and sharing it on social media.

Being creative isn't just having the ability to paint a picture or write a story. Allowing yourself to be creative means finding new solutions to existing problems, meeting a relationship challenge, learning to use a new tool and so much more. I encourage you to take a chance to accept a new challenge.... creatively. Build a healthy brain and make something soon.

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