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Happy Birthday Texas!!

I was a child when I first heard that Texas had a birthday each year. As I grew, I learned that Sam Houston shared his birthdate with the state that he led out of the revolution in 1836. This may all go unnoticed to a lot of people, but being that I shared the same birthdate as my state and Sam Houston, this native son took a lot of pride in that connection.

leather valet tray
The premium Texas Leather Valet Tray can be made by guests at Ravenworks on Pecan St.

We felt it would be great to celebrate our state's birthday with a new at project at Ravenworks on Pecan Street. A few previous customers requested a bigger leather project, so we are introducing the Leather Valet Tray!

What is in the new premium project kit?

This premium leather project is 7" square valet tray with a laser engraved image in the center (cowboy, cow, Coleman, Texas images). Guests will use leather dyes to color their tray, punch stitching holes and sew the center pad and corners.

Have you never worked with leather before? No problem! Our step-by-step directions are in text and video and our staff is here to support your creative process. This is a bigger leather project that will take a bit longer to complete, but the skill set is easily learned.

Can I just buy a leather valet tray?

Yes! We were already in the process of putting a leather valet tray for sale in our online store before putting the kit together for Ravenworks. Our Texas Leather Valet Tray is available online as a standard design or as a customizable version. Crafted from thick 9 ounce leather, this valet tray is both durable and elegant. Decorative metal hardware in each corner holds the distinctive shape of the tray and adds a touch of sophistication.

Come in to Ravenworks and celebrate Texas history by making our Texas Leather Valet Tray for yourself, for a Father's Day gift, or a Welcome Home Key tray for the house. Or, check out our valet tray options online at

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