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Time For A Grand Opening!

Like most teachers, I would spend days upon days preparing for the first day of school. Will the room be inviting? Are my lessons prepared for all learners in my classroom? Will my 5th graders build a supportive community and learn well together? And each year, the first day would be a blur, but a successful blur.

We are asking ourselves many of those same questions as new business owners, but we are excited for the first day of school/business! Craft projects will be ready for our guests and the store will be inviting. We will have cold beverages and warm hearts, and we look forward to sharing Ravenworks on Pecan Street as a fun place to be creative.

Our December 9th Grand Opening starts at 11am. We are located at 115 W Pecan Street, right across from the tall Coleman County State Bank building downtown. We will have refreshments for guests who come to see what we are all about. Purchase one of our projects or spend some time with one of our opening day free crafts.

Ravenworks will continue to grow into this building space and the list of projects will change with the seasons. We look forward to sharing our love of creativity with all who come for a visit.

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