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The Evolution Of A Small Business

Texas Ravenworks was created in 1999 and this is the latest form of the business. Originally, I started Texas Ravenworks as a part time business during my teacher summers. Mostly I was providing tech support for other teachers, but I also had a couple of clients who wanted a website built. With the birth of my first child, there was a lot of time spent on the family website centered around the mancubs.

After 28 years in education ending with a budget cut eliminating my position, I turned back to as a source of income in retirement. I started making some digital educational products for etsy and Teachers Pay Teachers, but soon included other home and leather goods in my plans. It was fun and something to do, but I was spending more time learning and improving my leather craft than working the business like a man in need of income.

Then about a year ago, the real estate market was in our favor and the bug hit to simplify life. Marian and I found a place here in Coleman, Texas that would break the business wide open. We bought a downtown building that had a first floor perfect for a large space for leather working, space for a counselor's office for Marian, and a big room up front for the evolution of Texas Ravenworks.

Ravenworks on Pecan Street is our step out of digital business and into the customer-facing market. We are firm believers in the healthy properties of creativity. This store will provide craft-based projects that guests can complete in 1.5-2 hours and walk away with. We want people to come in, have a good time in a fun atmosphere and CREATE! We provide the materials, tools and easy-to-follow directions to successfully create something of value.

So, keep your eyes open for our opening day. We're still meeting lots of friendly Coleman locals and looking forward to welcoming guest from Coleman and from miles around. Once we are open, come on by and share a 'howdy'. For now, check out this site and our products. Have some feedback or want to say 'Hi'? Connect with us on our Contact Us page at the top.

God bless and be well. -Howard

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