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Putting A Toe In The Water

It's been seven days a week of getting things put together for Texas Ravenworks the last few weeks. Still waiting on some contracted work on the store to move us towards our hopeful November opening of Ravenworks on Pecan Street, but there is no downtime as the online TXRW Shop has also been rebuilt from the ground up.

One of the great things about Coleman and Coleman County is the abundance of special events throughout the year. For example, Coleman hosts the annual Fiesta de La Paloma, (or Festival of the Dove), this weekend, October 6-7. The festival marks the beginning of dove hunting season and will have a dove cook-off, goat roping, a car show, a street full of vendors and much more.

While our physical store is not open yet, we will be jumping into being one of the vendors on the street this year. The primary focus of our table is to introduce the coming of Ravenworks on Pecan St to the public. We will also have a few items to sell to visitors at our street table. This isn't a grand opening, but it pretty much makes our store official and thus, a big day for us!

So if you don't already have plans for October 6-7, join the crowds in Coleman, Texas for the Fiesta de La Paloma! Maybe drop in on our table and introduce yourself! Look for the purple Ravenworks on Pecan Street banner on our table.

A few of our holiday ornaments will be available at our table during Fiesta de La Paloma, as well as from our online TXRW Shop!

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