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New Projects Added on Jan 18th!

Ravenworks on Pecan St.

We love getting feedback and suggestions from our guests! It is also our goal to provide some new options and seasonal crafts throughout the year. With that in mind, we are excited about some of the new projects being introduced on Jan 18th!

The leather key ring has been very popular among all age groups of guests. Next week, we will introduce the leather credit card wallet project. Guests get four leather pieces (2 raw leather and 2 chrome tanned black leather) to stamp with designs, paint and sew together. We even picked up some additional leather stamps for more creative tooling options.

The 'Celebrate Family' houses project uses five wood house cut outs in shelf art piece that shares family members in creative way. Paint the pieces, attach a few house details in this easier but attractive art piece. It's a great way to share family favorite sports teams or schools.

Maintain that connection with your extended family, sports teams or a classroom community with the wooden Birthday Chart. A wonderful gift for grandparents, design a wooden board that displays each month of the year and include a wooden chip for each person in the family. Create a chip for each student in class or employee at work and share that important date for each person.

Texas Ravenworks Online Store

New products are coming to our online store as well. We recently added two wall art pieces that share an inspirational verse from the Bible. See them online or come in to Ravenworks on Pecan Street to see them in person. Online purchases will be shipped anywhere in the country.

Got an idea that you want to get made for you? Go to to see example of custom products that we can make using leather, wood, and other materials. Want a logo engraved for your business? Drop us a note on the website or email to see if we can create that for you.

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