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We Listened. New Projects In Store Now!

We enjoy watching people discover their creative potential and lift up the idea that we are not a place for just 'professional creatives', but we are here for everybody. We have projects that meet all levels of abilities.

This week, we are adding some new projects to replace our Christmas projects. For starters, we added a new leather project to answer the request for more leather options. The leather card wallet has three pockets to hold cards, IDs, and cash. We also added some new leather stamping tools for more design options. Tool your leather, paint it and then sews the parts together. This can be a nice small card wallet for a purse or gentleman's card wallet for business cards or licenses.

Creating art that depicts out connections others can be especially meaningful. The Little Houses project can share not just the people who may live with you in your house, but maybe connect to people in other ways. Paint the blocks, add a roof and perhaps add the favorite sports teams to the different blocks for that 'house divided' concept.

Come down to Ravenworks on Pecan Street and pick one of our old or new crafts and enjoy a cold beverage with friends.

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