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Introducing the Ravenworks Candle, a unique creation by Wicked Wick Candle Company exclusively for Ravenworks on Pecan Street. These 8 oz and 16 oz candles feature a Tom Ford-inspired scent along with a captivating blend of scents including leather and smoke. These candles are only available at Ravenworks on Pecan Street or from this website. With a wood wick and locally made in Coleman, Texas, this candle not only offers a long-lasting burn but also supports local artisans. Bring the distinctive and alluring aroma of Ravenworks into your home with this exceptional candle. Experience the enchanting scent, expert craftsmanship, and local pride with each and every burn of the Ravenworks Candle.

(16 oz candle and soap also available)

Ravenworks Candles

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